Working the Dutch Way

What Dutch People Like: Not Working.
Here’s a fun article about one of the things we’ve come to love about the Netherlands: work-life balance!

Well, I definitely settled pretty easily into the Dutch custom of not working, though not necessarily by choice, and it wasn’t always easy or fun. BUT, that all ended last week when I started my temporary job at working in the hotels department. I can officially and honestly say TGIF for my first time since moving in to the Netherlands (and as a shift worker in the past, really my first time EVER!). The Dutch work life has been good to me so far. The job has much more variety than I was first anticipating and is fairly low stress. Also, they provide lunch and free fruit, drinks, and coffee all day. You can imagine this is quite the drastic change as I’m accustomed to packing three meals to bring to work and rarely finding time to eat all of them. And forget coffee and water at work as a nurse. Needless to say, I’m quite enjoying the change of pace for now and am settling nicely into life as a Dutch working woman.

2 thoughts on “Working the Dutch Way

  1. With all of the school work you are doing, I am glad to hear that your job is not stressful. I have never worked anywhere that gives anything for free!

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